New podcast: Too Long Didn’t Listen

In January 2022, I launched Too Long Didn’t Listen, a podcast spotlighting great podcasts and the people who make them from NPR member stations around the country. Each episode, I focus on a different podcast and interview the hosts/producers about the concept, challenges and impact of their work. I’m producing TLDL independent of my continuing work with Blue Ridge Public Radio.

Where it Hurts | St. Louis Public Radio Too Long Didn't Listen

Sarah Jane Tribble is a journalist with Kaiser Health News who grew up an hour away from Fort Scott, Kan. Not even 20 years after the opening of a gleaming new hospital there, it closed. People in Fort Scott lost healthcare, workers lost jobs and Tribble saw a story. In this episode of TLDL, we talk with Tribble about her reporting for the podcast “Where it Hurts,” produced in a partnership between Kaiser Health News and St. Louis Public Radio. Anyone affected by or concerned with rural healthcare will find a lot of relevance in this seven-part series.
  1. Where it Hurts | St. Louis Public Radio
  2. Chinese Adoptees | Prairie Public in North Dakota
  3. Port of Entry | KPBS San Diego
  4. On Something | Colorado Public Radio

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