WRITING: Features portfolio

This is a select sampling of written features I’ve produced over the span of my career:


Crossroads Church and the Phenomenon of its Annual Christmas Show, “Awaited”

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.24.14 PM

Neighborhood Arts Centers Mushrooming in Cincinnati. Wanted: More Neighbors to Use Them

Will Anyone Step Forward to Fill the Shoes of Cincinnati’s Major Cultural Donors?

Cincy Punk Fest: Not Your Parents’ Clash and Anarchy

Holy, Comics! Dueling conventions to collect, confound and compete for comic book fans

After Leelah Alcorn’s death, a timely encore for Rebecca Kling’s ‘Something Something New Vagina’

REVIEW: Cincinnati Ballet Playful, Modern, Daring

St. paul pioneer press

Minnesota Orchestra Cello Audition series

B.T. BOMBERS in St. Paul’s Frogtown area is part boxing gym, part community center

A NIGHT AT THE OPERA: Fifth-graders at Linwood Elementary School—and the professionals guiding them—wrote and staged their own opera. With the curtain about to pull, a bright girl with a leading role is missing.

Lonely at the Top: A ‘Great Giant’ struggles to fit into a small world

Faith and Quake: Youth Encounter the Ministry

End of the Rossmor: Storied warehouse about to go legit and leave old tenants behind

Dr. Fan: Eccentric collector thrives on the obscure

Oue’s Final Bow: Departing music director taught orchestra to play from the heart

Ride of a Lifetime: The people and lifestyle of high school rodeo in Minnesota

Class of 2000: Focus on Hmong: Five youths caught between cultures

Class of 2000: Amy Christie: Ambition, feminism, Christianity clash for her attention

Run for the Rays: University’s solar car fueled by sun, but heart comes from students

Called to Serve: Mormon missionaries leave own lives behind to spread their faith *(published in Fairfield, Ca., Daily Republic)

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