Video Portfolio

I jumped into Facebook Live streamed videos in a big way for Blue Ridge Public Radio in 202. Here’s a portfolio:

Blue Ridge Public Radio

Community Forum: The Future of Policing 

July 23, 2020

I stepped outside my arts world to produce a Facebook Live public forum on the future of policing in Asheville. Blue Ridge Public Radio had never produced an event like this and, to my knowledge, neither has another public radio station in the country. A few visual glitches aside, I’m pretty proud of the content, and guests on both side of this contentious issue commented to me after the fact to express their satisfaction with how it went:

The forum lasted nearly two hours, and I edited it down to an hour for broadcast the following week over BPR’s airwaves. Despite the length, it performed really well, both in real time and in the subsequent three weeks: 4,600+ unique viewers, 450+ comments and 66 shares (all highs at that time for BPR Facebook Live content).

CURTAIN CALL: The Future of Local Live Performance

Oct. 14 and 21, 2020

Over successive weeks, I hosted back-to-back Facebook Live forums exploring the future of local live performance in a social-distanced world. The first focused on theater, dance and comedy, the second on music and the venues that host it.

After Dark: Local Music Clubs Facing the Pandemic

May 28, 2020

I hosted a Facebook Live Forum featuring owners/managers of five Asheville music clubs to find out how they’re weathering the pandemic and their outlooks for the months ahead.

A livestreamed night of Gallery Hopping

March 6, 2020

Just before the pandemic hit, I took Facebook Live viewers along for a night of gallery hopping, with brief streams from Blue Spiral Gallery, Tracey Morgan Gallery and Revolve:

INTERVIEW: Composer Bana Haffar

Feb. 13, 2020

This is a livestreamed interview with Asheville-by-way-of-Lebanon composer Bana Haffar before a performance of her work, by Third Coast Percussion, at Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center.


I created and self-produced 3-Minute Egg in the Twin Cities from 2008-2011 and again for a short time in 2016. These were short video documentaries focusing on local artists creating new work. Here’s a sampling:


In 2016, I briefly produced this weekly livestreamed program from my car. I would pick up artists from their homes, studios and job sites and talk about their work as we’d drive around picking up more artists. I mounted for iPods in my car as cameras, attached lavalier mics to my passenger guests and used an iPad to switch between cameras.


These are a sampling of videos I produced when I worked for WCPO-TV in Cincinnati between 2013-15.



The Apprentice: Dancing for Careers with the Cincinnati Ballet (32-minute Documentary)

Time Stands Still: Unraveling the Mystery of Modern Dance

King of the Hill: A 70th Annual Retrospective of Cincinnati’s King Records

Tweens: Cincinnati Pop-Punk Band Attracting National Buzz

ArtsWave Speed Dating: Can arts nonprofits and motivated YPs fall in love in six minutes?

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