Podcasts On/Off Stage

“Metal Brainiac” launched as a weekly podcast in May 2015. This is the podcast National Public Radio would host if it were interested in heavy metal. Put on a helmet and have a listen!

As part of MNuet, I produced a weekly interview-based podcast called “Whole Note.” You can hear several episodes here:

The following audio pieces will open as QuickTime files:


Classically Trained: I performed this piece at Bryant-Lake Bowl, sharing the stage for an evening of storytelling with Don Shelby and Marya Hornbacher.

The Fine Art of EscapeI told this story through Minnesota Public Radio’s “In The Loop” storyslams (both the show and segment are, alas, defunct).


Art Like You Mean It: This is an excerpt of a pilot podcast I proposed for the Pioneer Press, focusing on artists creating work from social and civic consciousness.


Dealing with Critical Feedback: I was a guest of the weekly “JuiceCast” podcast, from the Creative Juice crew of Cincinnati. (June 2015)

Writing a book?: In this “JuiceCast” interview, I talk about the process of conceiving, writing and self-publishing “Positive MEinforcement.” (May 2015)

WVXU’s “Cincinnati Edition”: Cincinnati Ballet dancer Sami Nagy-Chow discussed my documentary video, “The Apprentice: Dancing for Careers with the Cincinnati Ballet” (April 30, 2014)

KFAI’s “Art Matters”: I was Marya Morstad’s guest for this weekly talk show into all things art in the Twin Cities (January 2013)

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