WRITING: Opinion/Columns

Here’s a sampling of the columns I’ve written for WCPO.com, Opine Season and the St. Paul Pioneer Press:


Exhibition Exploits Princess Diana and Her Fans*

Watching Bengals on TV? Thank Charity

Music Hall has Intimacy Issues and Young People Aren’t Coming

Cincinnati Art Museum Leaders off to a Wrong Start in Search for New Director

Cincinnati Musicians Should Hold More Reverence for Their Own Awards Show

Cincinnati Ballet’s ‘Camelot’ a Triumph of Resilience and Resolve Just Getting to the Opening Curtain

We Can Expect More from Our Artistic Leaders—and from Ourselves

Cincinnati Music Scene Among Best in the Country Because There’s No Cost to Explore It

Opine Season

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Misreading the Score of LumenoCity’s Popularity

MPR’s The Current Plays the Same Old Tune

Twin Cities Orchestra Musicians: Take the Money and Run

Clinging to a Deeply Held Belief About Marriage

Winning the Right to Marry Doesn’t Mean Couples Should

This is What it Means to be Jewish

You’re Probably a Socialist—Now Own the Label

Introducing Any ‘ism’ Where it Doesn’t Belong Only Fuels the Flame

Life Without a Net: Is This What Unemployment Looks Like?


Murder That Made Headlines Shouldn’t Be Public Case for Death Penalty

Endorsement: Hutchinson for Governor

Rondo Library Opens Windows of Pride on Storied St. Paul Neighborhood

No Logical Reason to Let Kroc Center Slip Away


OP-ED: The yet-to-be Distinguished Mark Dayton (published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Open Letter: Dear John McCain Voters (published in CommonDreams.org)

Must-See TV? I’m too good for that (published as signed column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press)

*Published independently on mattpeiken.com

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