Revolution Calling: Local Artists Panning for the NFT Gold Rush

In my most ambitious project to date for Blue Ridge Public Radio, I produced a five-part series exploring the recent phenomenon of digital art connected to cryptocurrency and the flood of artists pinning their financial hopes there. “Revolution Calling” aired daily April 25-29, 2022, during Morning Edition and All Things Considered, but we posted an extended version of each segment online all at once:

PART ONE: Artists are viewing NFTs as a gateway to validation and sustainability

PART TWO: Filmmaker-turned-NFT artist Kira Bursky is a model for success in this nascent platform

PART THREE: More than the artwork, investors are drawn to the community that comes with NFTs

PART FOUR: An Asheville collaboration makes an early pitch for NFTs in vinyl album releases

PART FIVE: How does someone find and buy NFT art? BPR’s Matt Peiken takes steps toward a purchase

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